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Advantages of Setting Up a Business in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

Diverse Industry Presence

DOC Free Zone hosts a wide range of outsourcing companies from various industries, creating a dynamic business environment and potential collaboration opportunities.

Business Flexibility

Companies in DOC Free zone has the flexibility to scale up or down their operations based on market demands, allowing them to adapt to changing business conditions quickly.

Multilingual Workforce

Dubai’s diverse and multilingual workforce enables outsourcing companies to cater to a global clientele and provide services in multiple languages, enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding market reach.

Customizable Office Spaces

The free zone provides a range of office spaces and facilities, including serviced offices and flexible-desk options, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable setup based on their requirements and budget.

Ethical Business Practices

Dubai is known for its ethical business practices and commitment to transparency, which further enhances the credibility of companies operating in DOC Free Zone.

Data Security and Privacy

Dubai have robust data protection laws, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive client information. Outsourcing companies in DOC Free Zone can operate with confidence, knowing that data privacy regulations are strictly adhered to.

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Types of Licenses Offered by Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

Commercial License

Commercial License

The commercial license permits companies to engage in trading activities related to outsourcing services, such as the buying and selling of software, equipment, and related products.

Freelance Permit

Freelance Permit

Dubai Outsource City Free Zone offers a freelance permit for individual professionals and freelancers who wish to provide their services independently within the free zone.

E-commerce License

E-commerce License

This license is suitable for businesses involved in e-commerce support services, including order processing, inventory management, and online customer support.

IT License:

IT License:

The IT license is designed for companies providing IT-related outsourcing services, such as software development, IT support, and technical assistance.

Types of Legal Entities Allowed in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

In Dubai Outsource City (DOC) Free Zone, businesses have the option to register under different legal entity types, each tailored to specific business activities and requirements. The types of legal entities allowed in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone typically include:

Activities Permitted in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) Free Zone is dedicated to businesses operating in the outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors. The free zone allows a wide range of business activities that are aligned with its focus on outsourcing and related services. Some of the permitted activities in the Dubai Outsource City Free Zone include:

Types of Legal Entities in Dubai Science Park Free Zone

In Dubai Science Park Free Zone, businesses have the option to register under different legal entities. The types of legal entities available in the free zone typically include :

Steps in Setting Up a Business in Dubai Maritime Free Zone

Our strong connections with Dubai authorities streamline approvals and pave the way for a smooth launch.


License Renewal Application

Submit the completed license renewal application form, along with the necessary supporting documents, to the Dubai Science Park Free Zone authority.


Payment of Fees

Pays the license renewal fee as per the fee schedule provided by the free zone authority. The renewal fee may vary depending on the type of license and the size of the company.


Collection of Renewed License

You can collect the renewed license from the designated authority’s office. Ensure that you have received the renewed license before the current license expires to avoid any disruptions in your business operations.


Update Your Records

After receiving the renewed license, update your company’s records with relevant authorities, banks, and other entities as needed.

Business Liquidations in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

Here are the key steps involved in the business liquidation process in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most pressing questions

No, companies registered in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone must operate exclusively within the free zone area. The free zone is designated for businesses operating in the outsourcing and BPO sectors, and companies are required to conduct their activities within the free zone boundaries. However, companies can provide services to clients and entities outside the free zone, subject to UAE import/export regulations and licensing requirements.

Yes, Dubai Outsource City Free Zone allows companies to apply for employment visas for their employees, including the company's owner/shareholder. The number of visas a company can obtain depends on the size of the office space leased within the free zone. Additionally, companies can apply for a residence visa for the company's owner/shareholder, subject to meeting the necessary visa requirements.

The process of setting up a business in DOC Free Zone involves several steps, which include:

  • Choosing a suitable legal entity type based on business activities and requirements.
  • Reserve a trade name for the company.
  • Preparing and submitting all required documents, including a business plan and passport copies of shareholders and directors.
  • Obtaining initial approvals and signing the necessary lease agreements.
  • Paying the registration and licensing fees.
  • Acquiring any additional approvals or permits, depending on the business activity.
  • Receiving the commercial license and completing any visa processing for employees.

The process typically takes a few weeks, subject to the timely submission of all necessary documents and approvals from Dubai Outsource City Free Zone authorities.

Businesses in Dubai Outsource City Free Zone enjoy significant taxation benefits. They are exempt from corporate and personal income taxes, meaning that companies can retain all of their profits without deductions. This tax exemption provides companies with a competitive edge and enhances their financial viability, making DOC Free Zone an attractive destination for businesses seeking to maximize profitability.

As a free zone, Dubai Outsource City has its own set of regulations and compliance requirements that companies must adhere to. This includes maintaining accurate financial records, renewing licenses on time, submitting annual reports, and complying with any industry-specific regulations related to outsourcing services. Businesses are also required to follow UAE's labor laws and ensure proper visa processing and employee benefits.