Organizations today operate in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) environment. The leadership is constantly faced with dilemmas concerning growth, operational & financial performance and sustainability.

We offer comprehensive tailor-made strategic support to help you make right choices backed by facts and remain ahead of the competition.

We develop the strategic roadmap, work alongside you during the implementation journey to help with complex regulatory and legal structures and provide project management support.

We add further value through our strong network of experts and SMEs across industries in emerging Asian markets such as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar.

In all, we serve as an integrated service partner designing a package of services that is relevant specifically to your business.


We conduct comprehensive market research to assess opportunity value and arrive at attainable opportunity, help prepare a business plan, structure your investment, and provide regulatory and tax advisory.

We not only develop an entry roadmap and go-to-market strategy, we work alongside the client during the implementation journey, helping with complex regulatory and legal structures, identify JV partners & acquisition targets and run a thorough due diligence supporting right decision making.


Business realities are changing at a rapid pace–uncertainty and disruptive business models are the order of the day. To be future-proof and obtain sustainable growth, organizations need a robust business planning and forecasting approach.

We take an inclusive approach involving leadership and employees to understand the business dynamics, long-term strategies, key challenges and foreseen risks. We also include inputs from customers, vendors and partners as well as industry best practices to develop the comprehensive plan.


We work alongside companies undergoing financial distress, liquidity challenges, higher leverage and insolvency and stabilize operations to re-build their credibility.
Our services include:

  • Develop and Validate the Re-structuring Plans For:
    – Diversification Structuring
    – Corporate Structuring & Turnaround
    – Insolvency
  • Design Governance, Performance Metrics & Review Mechanism
  • Identify & Bring On-board Strategic Investors
  • Stabilize Operations
  • Improve Liquidity & Optimize Costs
  • Manage Creditor Re-negotiation
  • Facilitate Asset Liquidation
  • Change Management

We also provide support for the role of Chief Restructuring Officer and other C-suite positions during the operations stabilization process.


We work with you to manage:

  • Strategic Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Regulatory & Compliance Risk

We offer a comprehensive risk management process identifying and classifying the key risks, through assessment of impact and probability of occurrence and devising the address mechanism as Immediate, Corrective and Preventive. We take a structured approach documenting the risk register and defining the risk ownership, accountability and review structure.